Five FWF projects funded


In its Board meeting on 7 March 2022, the FWF approved five projects by researchers from the Faculty of Life Sciences: 4 stand-alone projects and 1 ESPRIT project.

Stand-alone projects

  • Federico BALTAR (Dept. of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology)
    Ocean biogeochemical perturbations by plasticizers
  • Gerhard HERNDL (Dept. of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology)
    Shedding light on dark ocean’s detrital particles
  • Manuela SCHMIDT (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
    Pediatric chronic pain - proteome-based systems biology
  • Ekaterina STANSFIELD (Dept. of Evolutionary Biology)
    Does bipedal locomotion create an obstetrical dilemma

ESPRIT project

  • Sonia HAGER (Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
    Immune cells in thiosemicarbazone anticancer activity