The Research Support Life Sciences ...

  • provides information on relevant calls and funding opportunities via homepage
  • assists with project submission and planning (e.g., proposal check, feedback, background intelligence relevant for funding applications, budget calculation according internal rules, contractual issues, obtaining signatures and internal approval from the Dean) for all §26 projects and for §27 projects with a funding volume up to 100 k€.
  • acts as interface to all project-relevant administrative units at the university (Research Services and Career Development, Finance and Controlling, Human Resources, International Office) and to funding agencies
  • assists with all project-related issues and problems (trouble-shooting)
  • deals with national and international cooperation agreements of the Faculty
  • coordinates the application process for obtaining permits for animal experimentation (Animal Ethics and Experimentation Board, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research)



Please get in contact already at an early stage of your project application!

Submission Rules

If you are planning to submit a research proposal or an offer, please contact the faculty's research support at an early stage of the application and forward the project documents at least 14 days before the planned submission to the respective unit in charge for your project application (see below and internal submission procedure).

Project applications to be approved for submission by the Dean’s Office include:

  • §26 projects ("ad personam" funding), in particular FWF (e.g., Schrödinger Fellowships) and OeNB, as well as for funding bodies that demand to conclude the funding contract only personally with the researcher and not with the university.
  • §27 projects (institutional funding) with funding (share of the University of Vienna) less than 100 k€.

Applications for §27 projects (especially EU, FFG, etc.) must be reviewed by the university's central Research Services Unit and approved by the Rectorate (if the budget is over 100 k€). See Authorisation of the Deans and Heads of Centre.

Research Support Life Sciences

  • § 26 projects (e.g., FWF Schrödinger, some private funding bodies)
  • § 27 projects ( e.g., FWF PAT (up to 700 k€), ESPRIT, Richter, TCS, Science Communication, 1000 ideas  as well as all other project applications with share of the University less than 100 k€)

Research Services and Career Development

  • § 27 projects (with share of the University above 100k€)
  • selected FWF programmes (CoE, Emerging Fields, SFB, Docfunds, Research Groups, Young Independent Researcher Groups, #ConnectingMinds)